Follow the easy steps below to apply and become a member.

Contact the "Info Lady" at out Contact page. She will contact you and arrange for you to meet with one of our voting members for a brief interview.

The interview can be conducted wherever and however you feel comfortable, if you have a supportive SO, by all means, include them in the meeting. After you have met with our representative to affirm you really are a candidate for our group, that person will provide you with the dates and times for the meetings. Come to the meeting, we have a hotel suite where you can come, relax, change clothes if you wish, get help and advice from other members and just generally become more comfortable with us, as we will of you. Join us in whatever activities you feel comfortable doing, we do go out to dinner, we use "T" friendly establishments so no need to be concerned. Reluctantly leave us after all the activities and go home and dream about all the fun you had and why can't the next meeting be tomorrow.....:>)

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