Privacy policy

The Carolina Transgender Society does not want to retain any personal information on its members or visitors.

We do not share, sell, or rent any of your personal information to outside companies or organizations. Our web site may use cookies for returning visitor, security purposes, and site optimization only, and does not use them to collect any information on you. We have multiple safeguards in place, both physical and electronic, to make sure that your information stays private and secure.

We do use the standard Internet statistics to make your experience with our site as pleasant as possible. The most personal piece of information in those statistics is your IP address (which is used to identify your ISP), but most people use automatic IP assignment, so it changes each time you connect.

Unfortunately, other web sites may post tracking cookies on your browser, which may also register the fact that you were here. We recommend that you use at least one adware or spyware blocking tool. Don't forget to keep the definitions up-to-date.