The Carolina Transgender Society

Privacy Policy

The Carolina Transgender Society collects only enough information to keep track of which members have paid their fees and dues. This information consists only of your preferred name and email address. Additionally, if you provided a telephone number as part of your initial application, that number is available to ONLY the Info Lady (aka our president) and, if applicable, the senior member assigned to contact you.

We do not share, sell, or rent any of your personal information to any outside companies or organizations for any reason (unless you specifically ask, in writing, for it to be shared). Our web site may use cookies for returning visitor, security purposes, and site optimization only, and does not use them to collect any information on you. We have multiple safeguards in place, both physical and electronic, to make sure that your information stays private and secure.

We do use the standard Internet statistics to make your experience with our site as pleasant as possible. The most personal piece of information in those statistics is the IP address of the device you use to access the web site. For most users the IP address changes each time you use the Internet. As with your personal information, this statistical information is used only to assess the use of the web site and is not shared.

Unfortunately, other web sites may post what are call “tracking cookies” on your web browser. Under some circumstances, this will allow other we sites to track your web browsing. We recommend that you use at least one adware or spyware blocking tool and for added security, please use your web browser’s private mode when accessing the site. Don’t forget to keep your web browser and anti-virus software up-to-date.